How to build tents and matters needing attention

How to build tents and matters needing attention

Outdoor tent is a very common camping tool, but many friends don't know how to build it. Here's how to build a tent and the precautions for using the tents.


Construction steps:

1. Flatten internal accounts.

2. The main pole (red), crosses the pole diagonally. The second pole (yellow), opening an account parallel to the pole.

3. Insert the tents pole into the button to hold up the inner tents.

4. The connection between external accounts and internal accounts is fixed.

5. Flatten the tents, insert nails, and pull the wind rope.


1. The inner tent must be pulled at all times to prevent mosquitoes and small animals from entering.

2. Keep the tent ventilated at all times-when weather permits, open the vent and open the hall.

3. Store damp items outdoors. If the weather permits, wipe dry the wet items and store them outdoors. It is also a good choice to store it in a special storage tent in the camp.

4. Do not shake or squeeze the tent. Shaking and squeezing will cause the condensation to drop faster or deviate from the drainage route of the tent.

5. Do not use heaters in tents, try not to use heaters in tents. Once the temperature inside the tent rises, it will increase the air density, increase the amount of water carried, and increase the amount of evaporation. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the tent will also increase condensation. If you want to keep warm, you can choose high-quality clothes or sleeping bags.