Factors to consider when choosing the right tents

Factors to consider when choosing the right tents

When we choose a tents, we need to choose a tents according to the camping environment.


If you are in a harsh environment, you should choose a four-season tents, which can withstand wind and rain and has higher strength. If it is general camping and travel, you can choose a three-season account.

Of course, the materials and performance of the tents are also required. The purchase is generally determined according to factors such as the climate and environment of the camp.

Generally speaking, the factors that should be considered when choosing a tents are as follows:

1. Choose the inner tents, and strive for good air permeability.

2. It is best to choose the size with door shed, or consider a larger size.
3. When choosing a tents, blow the fabric with your mouth to test its air permeability. Generally speaking, if the air permeability is poor, the water resistance will be good.
4. The choice of primer should pay attention to water resistance and abrasion resistance.

5. Choosing a tents with front and rear double doors is more conducive to ventilation.

6. Camping tents are best to choose a double-layer structure.