Introduction of different types and structures of tents

Introduction of different types and structures of tents

Tents are essential equipment for camping. There are many types and materials of tents. So how many types and structures of tents are there?


Tent type:

1. Three-season account: suitable for mild weather in spring, summer and autumn

2. Four-time account: suitable for winter and mountainous areas

3. Other tents: light weight, thin, suitable for warm and humid weather.

4. According to the materials used to make the tent, it can be divided into fabrics, linings, bottom materials, poles, etc. Generally speaking, the fabric density of different labels is different, so the tensile strength and waterproof pressure are also different.

Tent structure:

1. Single room structure: The space is only designed for sleep, focusing on reducing the volume and weight.

2. Hall shed structure: The tent has a tent and an outer hall in the sleeping space. In addition to its advantages in wind and rain protection, it also provides space for existing equipment. At the same time, in order to adapt to different temperature environments, tents are divided into single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer structures.