Sun shade awning | Application scene of awning

Sun shade awning | Application scene of awning

With the continuous improvement of the quality of social life, enjoying life has become a normal state. The curved arm awnings are not only pursuing practical and beautiful products with high usability and gradually integrated into everyone’s lives. Do you understand the application of curved arm awnings? What about the scene? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction:

1. Outdoor garden
In addition to using it on the beach or in the square, as long as the personnel working outdoors will choose the curved arm awning for use, because it can help us to the greatest extent in the sun block and help us to isolate the sun from the sun, so many Outdoor stall operators will also be equipped with flexible awnings for their own operations, so that they can center themselves under the curved arm awnings in the hot summer.

2, balcony doors and windows
Enjoying life now, the retractable awning can just meet the needs of exposed balconies. It can perfectly shade the sun without breaking the rules, and it can also stand up and simply shelter from the rain. It is comfortable and extremely comfortable, and the scene is extremely peaceful. .

3. Square stalls
There are still many businesses in shopping malls doing stall layout and other tasks. In order to prevent themselves from being exposed to the sun, they will install and purchase curved arm awnings for use. If it is short-term use, many people will choose to use affordable awnings. Of course Many businesses will bring their own curved arm awnings to use in the square when summer comes.

4, beach use
The sunshade is widely used and has a higher aesthetics. It not only serves some merchants who work on the beach, but also provides a variety of bento for tourists who go to the beach to play. It can well block the sun for us to play on the beach in summer. Provided very good assistance.

5, dining car and RV
Of course, the stretchability of the curved arm awning can be extended to the user group of the dining car and RV, so that it can be closed and left, and the house can be opened, and it can travel freely when it is extended, and it can be well sheltered when it is extended. It occupies a beautiful place, can be shaded, and can also be protected from rain, and it is easy to use.

The above is about the places that can be used in the telescopic curved arm awning, and there are many places where it can be used.