Factors to consider when choosing a hospital disaster relief tent

Factors to consider when choosing a hospital disaster relief tent

Although the hospital disaster relief tent is reasonable in structural design and simple and generous, and adopts a convenient frame structure, it has played an irreplaceable effect in disaster relief by virtue of its strong moisture-proof, mosquito-proof, dust-proof, and ventilation functions. If you want it to last for a long time, you must choose a good quality tent. Do you know what are the tips for choosing a hospital disaster relief tent?

1. Choose a tent of the right size
Hospital disaster relief tents are of different sizes. When purchasing, you must consider the number of people that each tent should accommodate. If you want to facilitate the work of medical staff and the rest of disaster relief personnel, or if you want to store more supplies, you can choose specifications and Larger disaster relief tents, of course, if the personnel and materials are relatively small, you can choose a smaller tent.

2. Choose a tent with screen windows to ensure ventilation
For most disaster relief tents, they are not taller than the houses they live in. If the disaster relief tent is not designed to have ventilation function, it will not only have no air circulation but also make people feel very depressed and hot. So choose a disaster relief tent with screen windows on both sides to ensure a certain degree of ventilation and fresh air circulation.

Third, choose a tent that can meet special needs
The time, place and weather of each natural disaster are different, which also requires different nature of disaster relief tents. When faced with harsh environments, the disaster relief tents required must meet special requirements, such as tents. When processing the interior, use waterproof Oxford cloth, or add cotton inside the tent, etc., and these are all based on the actual situation.

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