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If you consider purchasing an awning for your outdoor space, you need to consider three factors: value, cost, and durability. With these three factors in mind, retractable awnings have proven to be a great choice.


With a balcony retractable awning, you can extend or retract the awning with a button to enjoy the space as you wish. Often, retractable awnings are more attractive than traditional fixed awnings. They also protect you from the heat and sun to increase the time you want to spend outdoors. In addition, the retractable free standing awning is a great way to protect your patio furniture.


SCD is a professional retractable pergola awning manufacturer and supplier in China, offering a wide range of retractable awnings, including retractable motorized pergola awning, retractable roof, retractable side awning, motorized retractable awning, manual retractable awning, aluminum retractable awnings, automatic retractable aluminum porch awnings, bigger size outdoor motorized retractable awnings, etc.


In addition, we not only wholesale retractable sun awnings but also supply a series of retractable awnings parts, retractable awning hardware, and aluminum retractable arms parts at great prices!

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