Top 3 Residential & Commercial Outdoor Fabric Awnings

Top 3 Residential & Commercial Outdoor Fabric Awnings

The outdoor fabric awning is one of the most popular outdoor shading solutions, offering a wide range of advantages to occupants and homeowners. They are definitely great ideas for commercial and residential use, increasing your privacy and protecting you from the sun and wet. Here are serval outdoor fabric awnings recommended for different applications.

Customizable Sun Shades Awning

This customizable sun shades awning is a perfect way to add a unique design to a certain space which can be designed based on your needs. As mentioned above, the house awning with sides not only helps away from passersby or prying eyes. And the awning arm parts are strong enough to prevent a series of negative effects - harmful UV rays, unpleasant drizzle and wind, and so on, effectively expanding your outdoor space and protecting your patio furniture from weather damage.
Of course, you can always retract the house awning with sides at any time to enjoy a more open view. Furthermore, the customizable sun shades awning can be used individually by mounting them horizontally on the ground (wall-to-wall, wall-to-post or post-to-post). It is a great addition to creating an enclosed outdoor living space without the need to build any permanent structures.

Aluminum Motorized Garden Pergola

As one of the best heavy duty durable awnings, this aluminum louver roof pergola brings classic elegance to outdoor living, making your backyard, garden or patio more inviting while allowing you to enjoy maximum comfort.

This electric motorized patio awning can add extra-lasting convenience and value to your home and create new functional living spaces at an affordable price. With the aluminum motorized garden pergola, the temperature in your garden or patio can be reduced by 15 - 20 degrees, and you don't need to worry about the unpredictability of the weather.

Why Choose The Aluminum Louver Roof Pergola?

  • * Customized to the exact specifications of your patio - better protect and increase the activity space of your deck or patio
  • * Maintenance-free, weather-resistant all-aluminum construction with single or double-beam construction and electrostatic powder-coated finishes
  • * Superior quality and hassle-free installation to create a beautiful backyard, providing shade, protection and comfort, adding value and beauty to your home
  • * Designed to withstand strong winds and harsh weather conditions, control the amount of sun or shade entering your home, and protect the appliances and furniture under the electric motorized patio awning

Commercial Awning

Almost every business can benefit from awnings - the commercial awning and customizable shop awning can bring enormous business benefits for merchants - increased customer traffic and sales, expanded living space, increased property value, and more. Metal fixed awnings are practical, affordable and customizable outdoor shade commercial solutions that create more space and make your store's appearance more attractive to customers.
The customizable shop awning varies for different locations, such as entrances, sidewalks, signage, windows, doors, patios, break areas, etc. And the awning commonly used for store windows and doors are divided into the following three types:

Square commercial awning: The most common commercial awning consists of a downward-sloping front panel with or without two side panels or ends

Dome commercial awning: The customizable shop awning with quarter sphere shapes provide all-around protection from the sun and rain from all angles.

Convex commercial awning: It is similar to a square awning with flat side panels - a series of parallel bows in the shape of a convex curve. It facilitates turning, making it ideal for shading storefront windows as well as sidewalks.


Professional and unique shading solutions can beautify outdoor spaces, help reduce energy costs and increase the range of movement. Whether you are a shop, restaurant, apartment or other business owners, SCD can customize, design, manufacture and supply a wide range of high-end outdoor fabric awnings according to your needs to make your building stand out!