The difference between motorized sun shade awning and manual awning

The difference between motorized sun shade awning and manual awning

Awnings are widely used sun-shading products today. According to different shapes, they can be divided into motorized sun shade awning, manual awnings, retractable awnings, etc. What are the motorized sun shade awning and manual awnings? What's the difference? Before we understand the difference, we must first know why motorized sun shade awning is installed:

1. Effectively block sunlight, thereby lowering the indoor temperature, reducing the frequency of air conditioning, and achieving economic benefits;

2. When using motorized sun shade awning, you can open the window to keep the indoor air circulating, and at the same time, it can also avoid direct sunlight to damage the indoor furniture;
motorized sun shade awning
3. It can open up outdoor space, and will not be harmed by ultraviolet rays and harmful substances in the sun while relaxing and exercising on the balcony or platform;

4. Add personalized embellishment to the building, decorate the home, and make the building more fashionable and artistic.

While sheltering the hot summer, the awning can reflect the strong sunlight into the room in the form of diffused light, so that the indoor light is bright and not dazzling, and does not affect the view from the window and outside the window, which will make people's living space Extending from indoor to outdoor, a new living space can be created. The difference between manual and electric awnings lies in the manual awnings, which are usually manually controlled awnings, which are mainly rocker-type hand cranks to extend or retract. Utilizing the principles of the rear round tube and the front round tube, using the tension of the crank arm, the awning is manually extended to achieve the effect of sunshading and rain protection.

Motorized sun shade awning is mainly driven by motors. In addition, it is made of aluminum alloy profiles. The material is better and the requirements for tubular motors are relatively high. Therefore, the choice of low damage rate, long service life and relatively stable quality is a test One thing about people.