Installation and construction methods of military tents and precautions for use.

Installation and construction methods of military tents and precautions for use.

First, the installation and construction methods of military tents:

1. Take out the universal rod and connect the rope to form three groups of herringbone structures.

2. Use universal rods to form the frame. After the basic frame is connected to the herringbone frame, take out the fabric of the tent and put it on the frame.

3. After the frame is formed, the pole is supported from the inside, and then the brackets in other parts are filled and installed, which will make the tent more firm.

Second, matters needing attention in the use of military tents:

1. Before setting up a military tent, you must carefully survey the terrain. There should be no rolling stones, rolling logs, and weathered rocks above the camp.

2. Do not set up military tents near the river bank or on the dry river bed during the rainy season.

3. To prevent lightning strikes, please do not set up military tents on the top of a mountain or in an open field.

4. When installing on mud or sand, drainage ditches can be dug around the military tent to ensure the dryness of the ground in the tent.

5. If you need to cook in a military tent, be sure to keep the flame away from the tarp or use a fireproof board to isolate the flame. People should not leave the tent during cooking. Prepare a fire-fighting plan at ordinary times and install an exhaust fan to remove oily smoke.

6. Please remove the military tents in advance when the local wind force is predicted to exceed level 8.

7. Before storing the cotton tent, be sure to dry the tarp, and fold and store it after it is dry. If it is too late, let the tarp dry, remember that it must not be stored for a long time to avoid staining and mildew.

8. Depending on the local humidity and climate, dry the tarp regularly to prevent bacteria from breeding and damage to the rain-proof coating of military tents.