How to use commercial retractable awning to effectively extend life

How to use commercial retractable awning to effectively extend life

Commercial retractable awning is very widely used, and the awning plays a very important role in our lives. So how much do you know about the method of extending the life of the awning?

1. When cleaning the steel structure canopy, it is generally not possible to use a brush to brush hard. Pay attention to the gentle and even strength. This helps protect the color of the steel frame itself and also prevents the steel frame wire from being broken.

2. In addition, commercial retractable awning also needs to be kept as dry as possible, and then put the canopy away! After finishing the outdoor trip, remember to hang the telescopic tent and air dry. If it is a little dirty, you only need to gently scrub with cold water! Never use chemical detergents or scrub hard, as this will damage the waterproof membrane on the surface of the fabric and reduce the waterproof effect of the canopy.
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3. When it is found that commercial retractable awning has broken lines, scratches and other problems, it must be resolved in time to avoid affecting the use of the rain shed.

4. The light-colored steel frame surface avoids contact with heavy-color items that are difficult to clean, and prevents easy cleaning after dyeing.

5. Steel components should be sprayed with anti-corrosion paint in time to avoid rust caused by long-term wind and rain