How much do you know about some functions of disaster relief tents?

How much do you know about some functions of disaster relief tents?

Disasters are always sudden and catch people off guard. When a disaster occurs, prompt and timely rescue can often protect the lives and property of the affected people to a large extent, but houses and other buildings are difficult to use due to severe damage. At this time, the disaster relief tent can be used as a temporary command center and medical Rescue, epidemic prevention, housing, etc., have greatly provided convenient conditions for disaster relief.

According to the needs of the disaster situation, the disaster relief tents are continuously upgraded. At the same time, the disaster relief tents successfully cover the various functions required for emergency rescue. At the same time, they can be mass-produced and provide a large amount of material support. It has been widely used in the front line of disaster relief. So, what other uses are there for disaster relief tents?

1. Used as a temporary residence after the disaster.

In particular, catastrophic damage will cause many victims to be displaced. However, the quality of disaster relief tents can quickly provide victims with a good temporary living environment. In addition, disaster relief tents with a guaranteed production process can to a large extent provide temporary shelter for disaster relief personnel and shelter for people from wind and rain.

2. Used as a temporary disaster relief command site.

The rescue process is the process of earthquake relief. The stability of the disaster relief tent is very good. It can ensure the safety of the commander in the emergency response, provide a convenient and good command place for the commander, and keep the disaster within the controllable range as much as possible. The loss of property was reduced to a low level. The command site can also provide rest and adjustment for rescue officers and soldiers, restore their physical strength, and resume rescue as soon as possible, thereby improving rescue efficiency.

3. Used as a post-disaster medical facility.

In addition to the people who need to participate in the rescue, it is also necessary to assist the medical staff in the treatment. Disaster relief tents are easy to carry and install. Medical equipment such as folding beds can be placed. Medical staff can provide quick basic relief and treatment for the victims, protect the wounded from the threat of secondary disasters, and reduce casualties caused by disasters.

4. Used as a storage place for materials.

The large-scale rescue equipment needed by rescuers, the medical equipment and medicines needed by medical personnel, and the drinking water and food needed by the disaster-stricken people should all have storage space. Therefore, using disaster relief tents as material storage places can not only Ensure the safety of disaster relief materials, and can quickly replenish scarce materials in disaster areas, speeding up the rescue process.

In general, disaster relief tents can be used for important purposes such as temporary accommodation, disaster relief command, post-disaster medical care, material storage, etc., to give play to people’s emotions in emergency response and maximize the role of disaster relief tents, which is conducive for rescuers to move quickly and reduce rescues. time. Moderate use of moderately priced disaster relief tents can also save disaster relief costs and provide good economic conditions for subsequent reconstruction work.